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Wendy Norcross

Wendy Norcross

Wendy is one of the Ideal Protein Coach’s at Lifeplus Health Center. I had tried to lose weight using several other programs, including Jenny Craig, South Beach and Atkins. It was not until I was introduced to Ideal Protein that I decided to make the real commitment. I had seen a lot of people that I knew try Ideal Protein and loose significant weight and kept it off! So far I have lost 67lbs in 7 months. I have exceeded my goals and never thought I would be tiny again! Needless to say, I am not the only one excited. My husband is thrilled and especially happy that my level of energy has multiplied. I get so much accomplished and sleep so well at night.

I look forward to speaking with you and answering any of your questions and most of all being a witness to your success!

Amanda Newman

Amanda Newman

Billing Specialist. Amanda has been a very vital part of the Lifeplus Health Centers team for 7 years. She specializes in billing and insurance as well as financial consultations with all our patients. She continues to attend seminars routinely to stay educated on the ever changing insurance game. Amanda is here to allow you to achieve optimal health and enable you to make informed decisions about your healthcare without the stress.

If you have questions regarding your insurance coverage, please call Amanda. She will call your insurance company, verify your benefits and call you back with the answers you are looking for.

Dr. Greenall is the WSCA President for 2015

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